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Unthinkable by Nancy Werlin 

unthinkable Synopsis from Goodreads:

This much anticipated sequel to the New York Times BestsellerImpossible a fantasy full of suspense, mystery, and romance will appeal to fans of Beautiful Creatures, Raven Boys, and Wicked Lovely. 

Fenella was the first Scarborough girl to be cursed, hundreds of years ago, and she has been trapped in the faerie realm ever since, forced to watch generations of daughters try to break this same faerie curse that has enslaved them all. But now Fenella’s descendant, Lucy, has accomplished the impossible and broken the curse, so why is Fenella still trapped in Faerie?

 In her desperation, Fenella makes a deal with the faerie queen: If she can accomplish three acts of destruction, she will be free, at last, to die.  What she doesn’t realize is that these acts must be aimed at her own family and if she fails, the consequences will be dire, for all of the Scarborough girls. 

How can she possibly choose to hurt her own cherished family not to mention the new man whom she’s surprised to find herself falling in love with? But if she doesn’t go through with the tasks, how will she manage to save her dear ones?

Bear with me as I go on a rant over this interesting novel. I will divide it into two parts: non- spoiler-y and definitely spoiler-y.

I read Impossible, the sort of prequel/sequel to this one and, while it was a strange novel, I enjoyed reading it however many years ago. I opened up Unthinkable knowing I should keep in mind that it would probably be a little weird too.

I had no idea how right I was.

It was tough to read about Fenella doing cruel things to her family, made especially more difficult due to the fact that I was already attached to them from Impossible. I had no idea who Fenella was before she started unleashing her poorly thought out destruction tactics. I could sympathize with Fenella, I really could, but she wouldn’t think over her actions at all. For claiming to hate having to hurt her beloved family so much, she sure went right for their throats as soon as the moment presented itself.

There were just little incongruities and annoyances with Fenella that all added up to frustrate me. She has been out of touch with most of the human world for hundreds of years and is being mentally tortured during most of that time. However, she comes out of the faerie world practically unscarred. She is absolutely brilliant at everything she does, even though the new technology should have bewildered her. This is explained away by her love for reading and knowledge. I understand you can certainly learn from books, but no amount of reading is going to make you a flawless driver the first time you try and operate a stick shift. 

Here there be spoilers. 

Truth be told, I could have handled all of that and still finished the book.

But then Fenella decided to kill the family dog.

WHAT? I am sorry, but no. Nononononononononono. 


Was it not bad enough you blew up your family’s house as your first destruction task? Now you have to go after the dog? It is just so wrong on so many different levels. There is really no way I can read a novel with a protagonist who wants to murder the family dog. I can’t remember with total clarity, but I think she even suggests recording it, or doing something equally horrific. 

That was the point where I started skimming the rest of the novel. Fenella tries to run over the dog, but unfortunately, the father jumps in the way and is hit instead.

And that was the point where I was pretty much done with this book. I didn’t even want to stick around to see what her grand finale was. 

*This rant is based off an ARC of the novel, so I have no idea what changes they made in the final copy.



Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews where book bloggers share their weekly book haul.

I received some lovelies in the mail this week, courtesy of the gals at ARCycling. It’s a pretty great program that I recommend you check out. I encourage you to donate some books or arcs. I know that I am going to try and get some donated later this week. 

starling  unthinkable

Starling by Leslie Livingston 

Unthinkable by Nancy Werlin 

Those are the books I have to read this week? What books have you added to your shelves recently?

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