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Hey! Today is my stop on the What’s In the Snow Scavenger Hunt hosted by Cal and Jessica. I have Christine Amsden, author of the Cassie Scot series among other books.

What book do you always find yourself reading during the holiday season? 

CA- How the Grinch Stole Christmas. And since I have kids the right age, I don’t even have to invent an excuse! Honestly, the story makes me cry every year, and it makes me long for a Christmas like the one in the hearts of the Whos. cassie scot

Where is your favorite place to read in the winter?

CA- In bed under a lot of blankets. Or in a hot bath. I listen to almost all of my books on audio because I’m visually impaired, so anyplace I can get cozy works great. I don’t even have to have my arms free (or dry). I sometimes listen with headphones on while my kids watch cartoons in the family room. We have an old-fashioned wood burning fireplace there that we actually use. (It’s going right now, as a matter of fact.) 

What are the books on your winter To Be Read list? 

CA- Skin Game by Jim Butcher is at the top of my list, assuming the rumors are right and it’s coming in January. My husband and I usually read his stuff together, so he’s one of the few authors whose books I grab as soon as they come out. As to the rest, I don’t tend to build up much of a TBR list because I read whatever just went live on the library for the blind’s website. Depending upon popularity, these books may be available to me a few months or a couple of years after publication. I am hopeful that the newest Fever novel by Karen Marie Moning will be available soon. And I grab anything by Linda Howard, Catherine Anderson, or Julia Quinn without bothering to read the blurb. In the meantime, I’ve been rereading the Ender series (after watching the movie) and I think that will keep me busy until the New Year! 

If you could only choose one book to buy in 2014, what would it be? 

CA- Skin Game by Jim Butcher. I really am in love with Harry Dresden. (Don’t tell my husband, he might not read it to me! 🙂 ) 

How do you get ready for the holidays? 

CA- I make sure to book a hotel. We don’t have any family within four hours of where we live, so we’re on the road every year. As a result, our house isn’t the most festive one you’ll find. Oh, we have a tree and a few knick-knacks I’ve accumulated over the years, but we don’t go all out like some people do. This year, I’ve decided to have a Winter Solstice Celebration at our house before we leave to take part in someone else’s Christmas. This is a new experiment for me, an attempt to help my family create traditions of our own. If it works out, I might have a better answer to this question next year! 

We all know books make lovely gifts. Which book (or books) would you love to give to your family and friends? 

CA- My family and friends have such diverse tastes, I just want to give them whatever it is they like to read! These are rarely the books I like to read. My father likes dry political commentary (that I don’t usually agree with) or history, my mom likes Sandra Brown and James Patterson. My sister-in-law likes Iris Johansen and Lynsay Sands (who isn’t bad, actually, if you like historical romance). At Christmastime, I want to make my family and friends happy, which isn’t usually a matter of finding common reading ground. 🙂 


CA- Thank you so much for having me here. I hope everyone is enjoying the season. Happy NewYear!

Christine Amsden 

Thanks so much for stopping by, Christine!

You can visit her website here and say hi on Twitter over here.


Time for the clue! (If you are confused about what I am talking about just check out Jessica’s or Cal’s explanation here or here. Basically, each clue is like a clue to a crossword puzzle that you need to earn extra entries into the giveaway.) 

Clue #12: What do most animals do during the winter?

Now it’s your turn! Have you been following the scavenger hunt? Want to answer some of the interview questions yourself? I would love to read your comments!







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