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Welcome to Day 8 of the 16 Blogging Days of Winter Challenge. Today is all about finding objects that represent books. I have two to share with you today, but feel free to comment with any of your own ideas. 

                              WP_20131228_004 WP_20131228_005

I think sunglasses really represent My Life Next Door because it is certainly a summer read. Reading that book always make me feel like I am relaxing out on a sunny beach, no matter where I am when I’m reading it. For This Lullaby, the iPod really represents the book because music plays a huge role in the characters’ daily lives. 

What do you think of my representations? What are some other objects you think represent books? Let me know!



Today’s topic is all about your favorite book family or friendship.


I bring you: Alex and Becca from The F-It List by Julie Halpern. (Clicking on the link will bring you to my review of the book.)

When Becca is diagnosed with cancer, she and Alex start crossing items off Becca’s F- It List one after the other. The items on the list are entertaining, but combined with the fact that Becca and Alex are hilarious together makes the friendship one of the funniest and most honest that I have ever read. 

What is your favorite book family/friendship? Let me know!


The third day of Blogging Days of Winter, you may be asking yourself. What happened to the first two? Well, simply put: I forgot! Everyone knows the holidays are crazy times, and I got swept up in all the excitement.

‘Tis no matter! Let us just move on with this wonderfully delightful challenge hosted by Andi and Amanda.


I did the best I could with this photo, so don’t judge.

Today I bring you a picture of the book I am currently reading. I have only just started All our Yesterdays by Cristin Terril, but I enjoy it so far. 

What book or books are you currently reading? Have you read All Our Yesterdays? How is your holiday break? Let me know!

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