Mind Games (Mind Games #1) by Kiersten White 


The was the second time I read Mind Games, and I still found it just as clever as the first time.

Mind Games has a crazy, female assassin as one of the main characters, which are some of my favorite to read about. Fia is a really enjoyable character in a warped sort of way.

Fia is the definition of unpredictability, so there are lots of twists and turns to keep the book interesting.

I have to say that I consider Annie as a secondary character, even though she is the other half of the novel’s narration. Fia’s story is the only one I am truly interested in, and it is also seems to be the true focus of the book. The secondary characters don’t see a lot of growth and they are all portrayed very simplistically and almost one-dimensionally. Part of this is due to the unreliable narration of both girls, but it still is something I would love to see improved in the sequel.

The timeline of the narration doesn’t always make the most sense. It fits with the novels desperate energy and manic characters, but sometimes it was too hard to keep track of every story thread. 

Overall, Mind Games fascinated me with its wit and rough-around-the-edges characters. I really hope Perfect Lie lives up to and exceeds my expectations.