I am checking in today to see how do you like your endings? It could be an ending to a series, or a standalone, or really anything else. 

Do you prefer them tragic? Sometimes, you just want to see these characters go down in flames. Not always in a bad way, but you figure they have struggled so much, what is an unhappy ending really going to matter in the end? Sometimes, you also know this is the more realistic route than having everything coming together flawlessly.

Do you prefer them with happily ever afters? You are the type who thinks that these characters have come so far they deserve to have at least a happy ending after all of their challenges. It also makes you feel better to finish a book and know that the characters got everything they wanted. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little happiness for yourself and the characters.

Do you prefer them ambiguous? Often times, you don’t mind not knowing everything that happened, detail for detail. It’s enough just to leave the rest up to your own imagination. 

Do you like your endings like any of the ones above, or do you like something different? Why or why not? Be sure to let me know what you think!