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This week I am curious to know what you think of cliffhangers. Sometimes they bother me to no end and other times I think they are very well done. 

Are they the bane of your existence? 

If this is the case, I completely understand. Sometimes I just want a nice conclusion, but nooooo the book leaves off at a very pivotal moment and I NEED to know what happens next. Also, when there are cliffhangers just for the sake of having cliffhangers I get annoyed. I promise that if I like a book well enough I will read the next one, with or without an ending that leaves off in the middle of the action.

Or do you like the thrill of them? If you agree with this statement, I completely understand that too. The drama of a cliffhanger can be so suspenseful and exciting that it gives me a sick thrill knowing that I will have to wait a year before finding out what happens next. 

Well, what’s your opinion? Are in you in favor one way or another or rather indifferent? What are some of the worst cliffhangers you’ve had to suffer through. Let me know!