I had so much fun finding out whether or not you are a bookmark kind of person, I couldn’t resist asking you some more “how do you read” type questions.

This time, I want to know if you take the dust jackets off of books.

Dust JacketsA dust jacket is the paper “shell” that surrounds hard cover books and has the cover design on it.

I used to be a dust jacket remover, but I love the feel of them, and they don’t bother me one bit. I leave them on my books and hardly ever take them off.

I know there are others out there who have to take the dust jacket off the book when they are reading. I can understand this, but I am too worried that I will lose/damage my dust jacket if I take them off.

Bottom line: Do you leave dust jackets on while reading or do you take them off? Do you just read paperbacks, thus making this a nonissue? Please share your opinions!

If you haven’t already stopped by and discussed your bookmark use, feel free to do so here.