This will be a different version of Condensed Reviews. I am reviewing the first three books in the Lux series, with a brief review for each, and more general comments after. If you would like to see how I have done some other Condensed Reviews in the past, take a look here and here.


 Obsidian is a pretty solid paranormal romance. It has a lot of PNR tropes like a jerk of a love interest. Obsidian has some unique elements that kept me entertained. I don’t do aliens, but I really liked the Luxen. Also, Katy, the aforementioned protagonist, stood up for herself a lot, especially against Daemon. I rooted for her and wanted to smack him. He made such chauvinistic comments, and while he started to redeem himself, the damage was pretty much done. I like Obsidian the best out of the three I’ve read so far.


Onyx did not quite live up to my expectations. The characters made stupid decision after stupid decision. The magic of the first novel got lost somewhere. Katy, annoyingly called Kitten by Daemon, was so boring. In the middle of the novel I hit a wall where all action just stopped. It was the same events over and over. (I am being annoyingly vague about the details on purpose, I am just trying to keep these reviews spoiler free.) The last little bit of the novel brought the action, but only happened because Katy made the stupidest decision of stupid decisions. The bad guys were pretty spelled out, yet Katy completely missed the clues. I grew to like Daemon more and Katy less.


 In continuing with the tradition, Opal wasn’t better than than the novel before it. Do not read the synopses of these books because they are spoilery! Therefore, the ending was not a surprise to me. In all honesty the ending was predictable. The villain was obvious from the beginning. Katy and crew continued to ignore obvious signs. It was in some ways more exciting than Onyx, but then it too reached a wall of boring. At times, I had no problem setting this one aside.


The writing is a bit clunky. Sometimes it would take me a second to understand what the sentence was trying to say. It wasn’t normally a problem, but would occasionally draw me out of the story. To illustrate my point, read the following quote: 

Harder said than done.

Does that above quote seem wrong to anyone else? Isn’t the saying “Easier said than done”? What am I missing here?

Daemon and Katy were cute together. I loved reading their scenes. While they were sweet and my favorite part of the books, they could be a little irritating. The most annoying part of their relationship is how Daemon calls Katy pet names, like Kitten. He does it just about every sentence, which induced a lot of eye-rolling on my part. There was a constant battle between the two over “I don’t want you to get hurt” vs “I can take care of myself”. This argument was so repetitive.

Katy has some unique traits. She runs a book blog, so some of her references were fun to read. I loved understanding her “insider” sayings. The only downside was that some of the references came across as forced. They seemed so unnatural or were out of place with what was going on. By the second and third book she does lose a lot of her originality.

The villains of the novel could use more characterization. We hardly learn their backstory, and they are pointed out point blank. I think that if they get a little more development in the next installment, it will really help the story overall. I have included the following quote to better illustrate my point, but be warned it is a little spoilery.

And before you think getting rid of me fixes this, you’re wrong. I have a message that will be delivered to her if anything happens to me… Yeah, I’ve thought of everything.

To sum this all up, I would recommend the Lux series to paranormal readers. If you would like to try paranormal, Obsidian wouldn’t be a bad place to start. I know this review may seem a little critical, but I have enjoyed reading them. I plan on reading the fourth soon.