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I wanted to talk all about fonts today. I really love beautiful typography, and I feel like book covers are a great place to find inspiration. I have broken down cover fonts into a few different categories. 

The Handwritten:

tigerlilyJellicoeRoad  Whywebrokeup  TFioS  The Distance Between Us

Handwritten fonts seem to be showing up on covers more and more often. I really like the look, but I feel like it only works on certain covers, like those of the contemporary genre. If I were to see this style on a dystopian cover I would think it is out of place. (Does anyone else notice that the font of Tiger Lily is the same as one of the fonts used on Jellicoe Road?)

The Elaborate/ Designed for Book:

cryers  Siege  BetweenDeepBlueSea  graceling  legend

These eclectic covers are ones I feel really suit the book they are representing. I love when the title treatment goes along with the book because it gives the book a more unified look. I really love covers with strong typography as well.

I feel as though dystopian covers typically mimic each other and have a similar style. Does anyone else notice that? For example, many covers feature fonts so similar to The Hunger Games (of course)that it is glaringly obvious. I think movie titles are the worst copy cats though. 

Combination of Different Looks and Styles:

lola  ghostandgoth  someone  BridgeBoy

The trend here is more of a combination of cursive and print. While I think the look can work, it is very simple. One of the most basic design tips is to create contrast between fonts. I think some of these style covers could step up their game a little more. 

Simple Sans Serif:

lifenextdoor  burn  grave  Shatter

If you aren’t a font snob like me, then you may not know what sans serif type is. Sans serif fonts are the ones without any feet on the ends of the letters. This look is more modern, I guess. It is definitely a trend that I think will stay around for some time.

Traditional Serif:

The Treachery of  Beautiful Things_JKT.indd  Out of The Easy  unbecoming  jessicas guide

Serif is the complementary style to sans serif. Serif fonts have a more traditional or timeless feel in my opinion. I think that choosing a good, solid serif font for a cover can do wonders. Maybe it’s not the most eye-catching, but I think they have a certain elegance to them that I really like.

What is your favorite font look? What other categories did I miss? Be a part of the discussion and feel free to add your own opinions!

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