Sometimes I check out a book from the library, or buy it from the bookstore, and then I just don’t finish it. I have talked about how I can be quick to DNF a book here, so I figured I would share my list of books that I just can’t seem to finish.

 I purchased Fury by Elizabeth Miles quite some time ago. Tales of revenge are always the sweetest to me, but for some reason this story and I just aren’t clicking. It has all of the ingredients for a good story, but it just doesn’t deliver. I have tried reading it a few times to always end up putting it back on the shelf after only a few pages./span>


Dark and creepy books are usually my thing, so when I heard of The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff I eagerly bought a copy. But alas, I have not finished it. The cover sucked me in but the dullness of it keeps me from wanting to read it. It’s awful because I want to know what happens next, but I can’t bring myself to keep reading. I have read two other Yovanoff books with no problem (and reviewed an anthology she was featured in over here), but her debut is not for me.

trickster's girl

Bought on a whim and forever abandoned to the back of the bookshelf. It was interesting with its Native American mythology, but after a while it lost me. There wasn’t enough action or suspense to make me want to read any further. I hardly remember any major plot points to be quite honest. Trickster’s Girl by Hilari Bell is just another dust collector in my stacks.


Thankfully, my friend let me borrow The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers by Lynn Weitgarten, so I didn’t go through the heartbreak (see what I did there?) of buying yet another book that I didn’t finish. After the protagonist writes a message to her boyfriend on her stomach with a Sharpie (or some such nonsense), I quickly shut the book and moved on. No, just no. I couldn’t support the obnoxious main character.

There are a few of my DNFs. I know I have plenty of more where they came from, but what can I say? I don’t have time to waste on books that don’t capture my interest? Which books have you DNFed recently?