The Shadow Society by Marie Rutkoski theshadowsociety

 The Shadow Society is unique in that I haven’t really read any other books that take place across multiple dimensions.

I liked Darcy and enjoyed her friends, yet at one point her friends fall off the radar once Darcy gets wrapped up with Conn. It felt like a good majority of the books is just about Darcy and Conn doing not very exciting things.

I appreciated how Darcy didn’t immediately forgive Conn when he betrays her. (I promise this is not a spoiler! It is written in the summary.) Conn was one moody character. He went through some personality changes throughout the whole book. Sometimes I couldn’t take him seriously.

“He clapped a hand over his mouth. ‘I did not just say that.'” – Conn, pg 277

To be honest, I just sat laughing after reading that quote. He’s supposed to be some super tough guy, yet his actions don’t match that description.

Overall, The Shadow Society is enjoyable, but not a book that I think I will be reading again.

Despite not having an overwhelmingly positive experience with Rutkoski’s writing, I am still looking forward to her forthcoming book, The Winner’s Curse

Have you read The Shadow Society? Looking forward to The Winner’s Curse? Let me know!