I wanted to share my book confessions, which I realize is an idea that has already been done on the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, but who cares? I couldn’t wait to share these! 

 At the library I always check out more books than I can read. I know this is unfair to the other patrons of the library but they are all so beautiful and want me to take them home. The library is just this glorious place full of magic.allthebooks

I can be very quick to DNF a book. I just think there are too many good books out there to waste time on books I don’t think I will like. The problem with being so quick to dismiss a books, though, is that I often don’t read books that I probably would have enjoyed if I stuck with it. For example, I once gave up on Pivot PointI’m trying it again and I can’t remember why I put it down in the first place.

I judge books by their covers. When I’m at the library I really only look at the covers and titles. A bookstore is a  completely different story because I have to go into one of those with a plan or I will just walk up to the register and say, “I’ll take it all.”

Often I’m too lazy to put my books on my shelf, so I have stacks and random books scattered around my room. It’s like a maze in there. But a maze of books is awesome, so I am not complaining.

Sometimes I can’t remember where I’ve put my book/e-reader that I JUST had in my hand. When I put them down to grab food or something I spend the next ten minutes trying to find it. This always baffles me, especially because I always remember where books on my shelves are, even though those are in no particular order.

I’m terrible about giving back books I’ve borrowed. Now, before you think I’m some awful person, you have to realize that a good friend of mine and I have been exchanging books for 5 years. We forget whose is whose. I just never give them back until she asks, which rarely happens.

I almost always look at the last sentence of a book. I do this especially when I consider buying a book or have just bought one. It is a compulsion that I cannot stop. Even though I spoil the book this way I know I will do it again.


So, what do ya’ll think? Have I committed any crimes that are too egregious to ignore? Do you share any of these confessions with me? Let me know I’m not alone! Share your confessions with me- I promise not to judge too much.