Today I wanted to hear about what you all think of author visits. Have you never been but want to? Just don’t have time to go? Think you’ll never go because going out in public means it’s not acceptable to walk around in your pajamas? 


Or are you like me, and go to every visit you can? (Check out my latest author visit here.)

Over the past year I have met at least 25 authors. I think going to events are fun and exciting. I absolutely love hearing the authors joke with each other and answer readers’ questions. At the end of the night I get to walk away with a personalized book (or two or three or four…) and a nice memory to look back on.

Having gone to an event or two, I figured I would share what, in my opinion, makes or breaks an author visit. 

1: Food


Food, the number one essential item at any event.

I’m not going to lie. Whenever I see food out on the table I know that I am walking into a pretty fancy event. I love when the food is all book-themed and decorated. It is a simple touch that goes a long way.

(And when they go the extra mile to throw in candy and hot chocolate, I know I’m in for a sweet treat.)

2: Q&A Panel


Nova Ren Suma, Tessa Gratton, Ransom Riggs, Tahereh Mafi, Rae Carson, and Aimée Carter

If authors introduce themselves and answer some questions, it usually leads to laughs and smiles. I’ve noticed a lot of the authors joke around with each other, which keeps the enthusiasm going. Most people (including myself) find it fun to be able to really participate. I think the Q&A panel is pretty standard across all author visits, but if it’s not it definitely should be because this is always my favorite part of the night.

3: Signing


All hail Tahereh Mafi

To wrap up the evening there should be time for the authors to sign some of their books. I love when the line goes by fast, but not so fast that I don’t have time to say a quick “Hello and thank you” to the authors. I feel that signings end the event on a positive note.

So that’s what I think. I would love to hear what you all have to say! What do you think an author event needs to include?

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