Debra Driza, Shannon Messenger, Amy Tintera, and Kasie West answering questions.

Debra Driza, Shannon Messenger, Amy Tintera, and Kasie West answering questions.


The other day I went to an author signing that featured books like Mila 2.0, Let the Sky Fall, Reboot, Pivot Point, and The Distance Between Us, as well as their authors: Debra Driza, Shannon Messenger, Amy Tintera, and Kasie West. The tour was called the SWEAT tour (it supposedly stands for SoCal Writers’ Excellent Adventure in Texas, but really anyone who has visited Texas knows there is no need to disguise the truth, which is that Texas summer and sweat are quite synonymous).

Any time there is food and books in one spot, I’m there. I love how all of the events at this location always have some sweet treats and refreshments. I thought the whole set up was wonderful. Way to go, public libraries!

The event kicked off with moderator and future author Jenny Martin introducing the authors. They played a game of Two Truths and a Lie, Jenny asked a few questions to get the evening started, and before long, the audience was able to ask their burning questions. They talked about how they name their characters (Kasie West says she leaves most characters simply as “X” for about 50 pages before she gets around to naming them), how difficult it is to write a story when you don’t know the direction it’s going (Shannon Messenger calls herself a “connect-the-dotser” because she knows certain plot points and just tries to connect them all together), and which character of their books they most relate with (Amy Tintera claimed not to relate to her sociopathic protagonist).

Goodies and candy were handed out and then the signing concluded the event.

When I went I had only read The Distance Between Us at that point, but I also bought a copy of Reboot and have since finished it. After listening to all of the authors, I think I will have to give all of their books a chance sometime soon.